VENUS JOURNEYA new Venus cycle is starting!

Join me for 8 months of magical activations for pleasure, abundance, and self appreciation.

Each month as the Moon connects with Venus in the sky, it will activate one of the 8 chakras – starting with the crown and going to the root. This will happen roughly at the beginning or ending of each month starting in December. Each chakra will be cleansed through this winter and spring (8 months – one for each chakra), until the Summer when Venus will begin her journey with the Sun. At the end of September, we will begin another 8 month journey to rebuild, remake and strengthen each chakra starting with the root and moving to the crown through winter and spring of 2019. This is a collective journey that is also deeply personal because each gate and chakra will have a theme that is specific to you based on where Venus is transitioning with regards to your natal chart.

Venus rules matters of the heart and finances. She is the vibration of interpersonal relations, our values and what nourishes us. Engaging with the Venus cycle creates progressive change in opening and strengthening our hearts so we can have clearer love and complete abundance.

This is a journey to connect with the sky planet Venus as a path to our own hearts and bodies. It is a somatic experience that is astrologically timed that we can directly participate with through the path of planet Venus.

The path of Venus through the sky mirrors the ancient Sumerian Myth of the Goddess Inanna and her journey to the Underworld. All the info on this can be experienced in my audio recording of the story.

We can directly connect in with these energies and align our resonant frequencies just by visiting with her as she passes through the 8 gates of the Moon on her way into the Sun. This is all experiential and in time with the actual movement of her! You will visit the Venus temple and she will be your home forever, a place to connect into your own self and your own power.

Gathering and Meeting Commitment:

We will gather twice a month. First in Ceremony during the time of the Gate Activation (this will occur at the beginning of each month  and second in a group gathering to deepen our understanding of our journey and support the practices.

Also each person will meet with me once per month for an individual Astrology reading to assess your personal Venus and which gate it is activating for you. (By looking at which house in your natal chart Venus is transiting.

This will personalize your work and taylor it to your cosmological blueprint.

Although I will be helping read your charts and holding space for this experience, the journey is yours. I want to introduce you to a direct experience of the Goddess and you can take that relationship wherever it goes. This is about each one of us plugging into Source separately and together.

This experience is right for you if:

You are feeling stuck in some way and wanting to get un-stuck

You are willing to look at yourself and own your own experience

You love a magical, mystical, down to earth path to growth

You want to be able to make time for spiritual practices and self care

You desire to Connect heart and mind, moving power into your heart.

It will support you to:

Heal from a past relationship

Grieve a loss that is incomplete

Empower yourself financially

Figure out what your life purpose is and how to live it

Experience courage, optimism, awareness and confidence in love and romance

Become magnetically receptive instead of intellectually defensive to life experiences

Explore your connection with the Divine

The First 8 month Session Begins December 2018.

Sign up for the daytime session OR the evening session

Daytime Session:

December 3, 2018 1:00-3:00 pm: The First Ceremony, “First Gate – The Crown Chakra”

December 19, 2018 1:00-3:00: The Check-in gathering

The one-on-one astrology consult by phone or in person to be scheduled individually

Evening Session

December 2, 2018 6:00-8:00 pm: The First Ceremony, “First Gate – The Crown Chakra”

December 18, 2018 6:00-8:00: The Check- in meeting

The one-on-one astrology consult by phone or in person to be scheduled individually

Monthly Payment Rate: 2 gatherings + 1 private session = $120 per month due each month.
8 Month Package Discount Rate: 16 gatherings + 8 private sessions = 890$   due by November 30

Payment may be by credit card, check, cash, or paypal

The groups will be limited in size for intimacy and depth of experience.

Please reserve your spot with an email to me and deposit of $120 by November 30.

I look forward to stepping into this journey with you! It’s going to be amazing!


Tarot Exploration Class at the Emerson Cultural Center

Most Sunday Evenings 5-630
Check it out on Meetup or Facebook.

Meet us in the beautiful and groovy Glamor Photo Studio where we lounge, laugh and gain illumination with the 78 card deck of wisdom known as the Tarot.

I am dedicated to making Tarot accessible to all people – because it is a tool that anyone can use in the search for guidance, understanding, and freedom.

Join us and explore this powerful tool for enhancing your life!

10$ per class.

I will be offering Tarot Classes in person at the Emerson Cultural Center in Bozeman! Tuesday nights 6:30pm – 7:30pm  – 6 week series staring April 18.  $115 for the series.

We will use the Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and the Rider Waite Tarot.TAROT DISCOVERY CLASS

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September 22-24 – Jack Creek Preserve – Between Big Sky and Ennis, MT

Re-Wilding Gathering for 12 Women
Rustic Accommodations and Food Included  – $300 before August 21, then $350    SIGN UP NOW


Join us for a weekend of great food, wilderness beauty and belly laughs!

We will be celebrating the Fall Equinox with Yoga, Ceremony and Rewilding Sept 22-24.

This is an invitation to shed layIMG_2544ers of past conditioning and old beliefs, become more deeply connected to your Self, and relax into the beautiful truth of your own knowing.

Our yoga classes will be deep, subtle and focused on preparing ourselves for going inward. Our nature/rewinding practices will give us an opportunity to tune in and connect to the wildness in everything.

The chemistry of the group will naturally create huge heart openings in celebration of each others unfolding. We enjoy providing a relaxed environment with lots of free time to reflect and integrate.

What is wild her ness?

wild her ness is authentic power, instinct, interconnectivity and reverence for all life.

What is Rewilding?IMG_2551

Rewilding is a process by which we seek to shed layers of conditioning and confusion regarding our culture, our families and our self images. What are all our inner barriers and outer concerns about becoming more true, more who we are, more honest, more real, more vulnerable, more fierce?

Rewilding is included but not limited to: becoming more present, more aware, more instinctual, more adapted to habitat, more connected to all life and any other qualities that we perceive in wild beings.

While engaging in this inquiry in the midst of the wilderness, we become more clear within ourselves – knowing what serves us in our lives and what needs to be shed.. Rewilding moves us into a relationship with life that is aligned with the principles of nature and not just the rules and regulations created by humans.

Mostly, this retreat will be FUN and FUNNY! We enjoy irreverence and edgy humor as much as we love sacred space and heart opening crying sessions!

We are our own best healers – and the Earth has much Medicine to offer us, if we are willing to unplug from obligations, distractions, fears, insecurities and doubts.

We are honored to be your guides!

margot-jennWe are two Mountain mamas who recognize that in wilderness, we can meet and converse more directly with our true nature. In both the vastness of a mountain view and the tiny flower seed there is the same wonder. We find that once immersed in nature it is easier to find this wonder within. We are committed to creating a sweet setting for you to connect with your own true wild her ness!

We look forward to celebrating feminine wildness with you!

GENERAL SCHEDULE – Subject to Adjustment

Friday Sept 22
between 2-4pm – Arrive at Jack Creek Preserve (near Ennis, MT)
4:30pm – Welcome Circle and orientation of the Land
7pm – Dinner
Evening – Ceremony & Fire Circle

Saturday Sept 23
6am – Sacred Space – Journaling, Yoga, Meditation
7:30-8:30 – Breakfast
8:45 – Morning Ceremony and Intro to Wilderness Soul Craft Practices
9:45 – 11 – Goddess Yoga
11-12:30 – Wandering in the Wild
12:30 – 1:30 – Lunch
1:30-2:30 – Writing/Napping/Chilling/Connecting
2:30-4:30 – Solo Wandering in the Wild
4 – 5:30 – Choose from a few options – Nature Art, Talking with Plants, Writing Prompts or take a nap and have a dream.
6pm Dinner
Evening – Ceremony and Party to celebrate the Wild and Sacred Feminine – Wild Fire Circle!

Sunday Sept 24
6am – Sacred Space – Journaling, Yoga, Meditation
7-8:15 Goddess Yoga
8:30-9:30 Breakfast
9:45 – 10:45 Morning Ceremony & Wilderness Soul Craft II
11-2 – Solo Wandering in the Wild or group hike
2:30 – Closing Circle

Please contact us with any questions or go ahead and sign up here!

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