Hello Darling!

I am fascinated with the way that magic works – our intentions, our thoughts and our relationship to the natural world have such a powerful effect on our level of fulfillment and joy. I use Tarot to explore how to deepen our relationship to ourselves and heal our relationship to the Earth.

Some of the questions we address in Tarot are:

Love and Romance – What is the state of your love life? What do you need to know to get to the next level of fulfillment? What support do you need to transition to a different form of relationship? Are you suffering from heartbreak? Is there unfinished business you would like to clear up in your love life? How powerful do you feel about being able to attract your ideal love partner? Are you a love addict?

Money and Career – How are your sourcing your value? How joyful are you in your work? How can you express your gifts and talents in a way that generates wealth? How can you navigate challenging work relationships? Are you a workaholic?

Health and Well Being – What is your relationship to yourself? How do you treat yourself? What is the state of your relationship with your body? What support do you need to access new levels of well being? How do you relate with food / alcohol / drugs?

Personal Growth and Empowerment – What do you feel when you look in the mirror? Are you able to say I love you to yourself? Are there issues from your past that hold you in old behavior patterns? Do you have anyone that you need to forgive? How good are you at forgiving yourself?

Spirituality – Do you have any quiet time in your life? Do you have a spiritual practice? What do you believe about God, the Universe and the meaning of life?

Discover your inner knowing and deepen trust in yourself through Tarot. My readings are meant to be a celebration of you, what is true for you and support your journey to happiness, fulfillment and greater levels of self love.  All this is fuel for greater empowerment – to connect to your true needs and desires.

Even just connecting to our true needs and desires is a journey!

Tarot offers a window. An opening. A symbol that can awaken you to what you are seeking. It requires curiosity, openness and a bit of vulnerability.

We are all completely intuitive. The challenge comes in accepting what our intuition is telling us, and having the courage to follow it. Tarot offers the language of an ancient Western European tradition of symbols – a language that has the potential to speak to your subconscious. As your reader, I can help to guide you in this process, but it is your journey.

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