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Venus Journey Activation

Venus – Moon Activations

Embodied Astrology for Pleasure, Abundance and Self Appreciation

This is a journey to connect with the sky planet Venus as a path to our own hearts and bodies. It is a somatic experience that is astrologically timed that we can directly participate with through following the path of planet Venus.

Each month as the Moon connects with Venus in the sky, it will activate one of the 8 chakras – starting with the crown and going to the root. This will happen roughly at the beginning or ending of each month starting in December. You can jump in on the journey any time.

We will release blockages and distortions at each chakra through this winter and spring (8 months – one for each chakra), until the Summer when Venus will begin her journey with the Sun. At the end of September, we will begin another 8 month journey to rebuild, remake and strengthen each chakra starting with the root and moving to the crown through winter and spring of 2019.

This is a collective journey that is also deeply personal because each gate and chakra will have a theme that is specific to you based on where Venus is transitioning with regards to your natal chart. This offering includes 2-4 group gatherings per month and one private astrology reading to orient you to which specific energies you are working with at that time.

Venus rules matters of the heart and finances. She is the vibration of interpersonal relations, our values and what nourishes us. Engaging with the Venus cycle creates progressive change in opening and strengthening our hearts so we can have clearer love and a sense of complete abundance.

2 thoughts on “Venus – Moon Activations

  1. Very enjoyable company and wise advise. I would love another reading.


  2. Hi there
    I was just wondering if you do tarot readings and if so how much for a reading?


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