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“Margot has an uncanny knack for combining insight and humor, and immersing you in the mystery of the tarot in a way that opens you up to the possibility inherent in your 
situation. Practical wisdom, delivered with gracious respect. Thank you for your help, Margot!”Neil Sattin, Author, Relationship Coach, and host of the Relationship Alive podcast

Tarot is a path to meaning. The purpose of your reading is for you to gain insight, freedom, clarity, wisdom and power. It’s also fun!

A Tarot reading will not be able to “predict” your future. Sorry. It’s your future and your choices help to create it.

What a Tarot reading can do is to help you explore possibilities and illuminate mysteries.  The best Tarot reading questions are directly related to the inner self.  Perhaps you are struggling with a difficult relationship, or looking for insight about your work.

The Tarot can offer you another perspective, another possible way of looking at yourself and your choices. What are you meant to learn from this experience? How can you best get to the heart of the issue? What responsibility can you take for the situation? Tarot can provide clarity. This can help you move through stuckness or confusion, so you may move forward in your path of self love, empowerment and joy.

True Alchemy or Magic is the power to alter our own thought patterns and behaviors so that we may more fully experience what we deeply desire.  Our love lives, our careers, our relationships to money and things and our inner dialogues can all be shifted towards greater fulfillment if we are ready to take responsibility for creating our own reality. Tarot is a powerful tool that can allow us to see gifts or challenges on our road to growth.

I am a guide, and Tarot is our vehicle. Let’s go on a journey into your innermost being. How far we go is up to you.

Make an appointment for a reading with me. I can do readings in my studio, here in Bozeman MT.
I can also offer readings over the phone or on Skype.

30 minutes – $55

60 minutes -$100

90 minutes – $150

Call or text me at 406-209-3142 or email

I look forward to our journey into the heart of your knowing…

Strategic personal and social advantage goes to those cultivating intimacy with the Power of Symbols…” Caroline Casey

One response to “Book a Reading

  1. Hi Margot,
    I’m drawn to this right now as I am in a big transition with lots of ideas and apparent choices. Is a reading more effective in person? If so I could come up to Bozeman, if not I have Skype. I hope you’re well. -Georgie

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