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“Margot has an uncanny knack for combining insight and humor, and immersing you in the mystery of the tarot in a way that opens you up to the possibility inherent in your 
situation. Practical wisdom, delivered with gracious respect. Thank you for your help, Margot!”Neil Sattin, Author, Relationship Coach, and host of the (Awesome) Relationship Alive podcast


Astrology Chart Reading – General

I will prepare your chart in advance and spend 60 minutes discussing it with you on the phone, face time or in person. You will learn so much about yourself!


Astrology Chart Reading – Basic

I will prepare your chart in advance and we will spend 30 minutes discussing it. This will give you a quick introduction to your chart and start you on your Astrology Journey!


Venus Reading

This 60 minute astrology reading will focus on your personal Goddess archetype in the form of Venus. She can show you the way to connect with your deepest Feminine essence. We will also look at Venus transits to see what you are currently attracting and how to make the most of it!


In Depth Tarot Reading

We will spend 60 minutes addressing your current concerns using Tarot. You will find new perspectives and solutions.



Call or text me at 406-209-3142 or email

I look forward to our journey into the heart of your knowing…

Strategic personal and social advantage goes to those cultivating intimacy with the Power of Symbols…” Caroline Casey

One response to “Book a Reading

  1. Hi Margot,
    I’m drawn to this right now as I am in a big transition with lots of ideas and apparent choices. Is a reading more effective in person? If so I could come up to Bozeman, if not I have Skype. I hope you’re well. -Georgie

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