What is Tarot?

Tarot is a deck of 78 cards that contains a system to understand aspects of the mind, emotional states and spiritual conditions.

Tarot has been associated with fortune telling and psychic mediums, and it is well used for those purposes. For me, however, tarot is an analytical tool that can help to illuminate parts of our psyche that are hidden or denied.

Different practitioners of Tarot have different angles and approaches to the cards. My personal system is one in which we use Tarot to activate the imagination in order to creatively approach a situation and find new ways to look at ourselves and our relationship to the world.

When we are trying to solve a problem or choose a path of action, we usually try to think our way on to the best path for us to take. Our conscious minds however, are limited in options. They are mostly governed by conditioning, our old patterns and our idea of what has worked for us in the past. Through images and symbols, the Tarot leads us on a journey to our subconscious, so that we may access knowledge that comes from a deeper place.

Our sub-conscious or unconscious mind holds a wealth of information regarding our potential, our deepest desires and our true nature. The images in Tarot can activate our awareness and guide us to new understanding of our potential choices. Tarot is a creative and magical path to your intuition.

I have a collection of Tarot decks, but I primarily use The Rider Waite Smith, the Thoth and The Wild Unknown.

The Rider Waite Smith Tarot, published in 1910, is one of the most popular decks in the Western World. It has relatively simple drawings that are rich in Pagan, Christian and Ancient symbols. This is the best deck for beginner readers, and many other Tarot decks are based on this system.



IMG_7073The Thoth deck was finished in 1943 and first published in 1969. It has dramatic and intense images full of Egyptian, Pagan and Occult symbols. It has astrological symbols and captions for all the number cards. The Thoth deck can be very powerful and direct. It took me many years to feel ready to handle the energy of this deck.


IMG_7072The Wild Unknown was created around 2008 by Kim Krans, artist, musician and yogi. It features graceful line drawings that focus on images from the natural world. Many of the images here are shamanistic or green witch oriented and really resonate with my own deep connection to Earth Magic and messages we may receive from plants and animals.

I also have a new deck – the Mary El. It is so gorgeous and deep and resonant. I have been getting great results with it!

Tarot is a path to meaning. The purpose of your reading is for you to gain insight, freedom, clarity, wisdom and power. It’s also fun!

A Tarot reading will not be able to “predict” your future. Sorry. It’s your future and your choices help to create it.

What a Tarot reading can do is to help you explore possibilities and illuminate mysteries.  The best Tarot reading questions are directly related to the inner self.  Perhaps you are struggling with a difficult relationship, or looking for insight about your work.

The Tarot can offer you another perspective, another possible way of looking at yourself and your choices. What are you meant to learn from this experience? How can you best get to the heart of the issue? What responsibility can you take for the situation? Tarot can provide clarity. This can help you move through stuckness or confusion, so you may move forward in your path of self love, empowerment and joy.

True Alchemy or Magic is the power to alter our own thought patterns and behaviors so that we may more fully experience what we deeply desire.  Our love lives, our careers, our relationships to money and things and our inner dialogues can all be shifted towards greater fulfillment if we are ready to take responsibility for creating our own reality. Tarot is a powerful tool that can allow us to see gifts or challenges on our road to growth.

I am a guide, and Tarot is our vehicle. Let’s go on a journey into your innermost being. How far we go is up to you.



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