Tarot by the Moon – October Full Moon

Tuning into the cycles of the moon, or lunations, we can maximize our understanding of collective cycles of energy that we are a part of – and learn to accept and even enjoy our experiences of being part of a greater whole. I like to use astrology to understand the larger theme that we could be operating within – and then consulting tarot to learn how I might best be aware of my own experience and how to be more in tune with what might be going on within. As within, so without. As above, so below…
tarot by the moon

4 of wands – celebration pointing to future growth and expansion
High Priestess – keeper and teacher of feminine occult wisdom
Ace of Cups – the Holy Grail of Self Love and Self Acceptance

Right now, the Moon is full in the sign of Pisces – according to sidereal astrology. I choose sidereal because it reflects what is actually going on in the sky and this feels more accurate to me. If we look up at the moon tonight it will be sitting inside the constellation of Pisces. We won’t see pisces because the full moon drowns out the stars around it, but all is illuminated.

Pisces is the sign of the spiritual realm, the unseen, fantasy, and the unconscious. Pisces is dreamy and cosmic. It is all about letting go and accepting. Letting go of judgements and expectation, accepting ourselves and others exactly as we are. Self acceptance and self love are the key to being able experience any kind of spiritual joy or bliss. Pisces brings us beyond boundaries to give us an experience of being beyond our ego projections. There can sometimes be a painful awakening in this regard – such as losing some sort of prestige or being rejected by a loved one – these experiences can violently push us towards some sort of spiritual quest – often against our own will.

Along with the full moon in pisces, we also have the sun in virgo. Virgo, in it’s highest expression is the Temple Priestess who keeps the integrity of the moon lodge in tact. I know she’s the one pushing me to go into this mystery – but also the Temple Priestess in her shadow can be anxious, nit picking, detail oriented and perfectionistic. Pisces can balance this by helping us let go and trust that over managing and over organizing behaviors are not helpful – they are crazy making!

At this time, it seems that we can do best by focusing on what we do have control over – our own experience – and letting go of all the bullshit  – all the assumptions and stories we create – with our imaginations1

This full moon is squaring Pluto in Sagittarius –  This can bring up some deep fears that are coming up to be healed.  How can we learn to accept our fear, our shadow, our dark sides? We can take non attached action  – in the direction of our desires. We must take action in a way that is not dependent on a certain outcome.

There is also a Venus and Mars Conjunction in Leo happening right now. This means that passion and interpersonal relationships are electrified in a creative way. We may feel more attractive and attracted – there is an electricity in the air, something fun and light – a time to express ourselves joyfully and playfully… without attachment to outcome.

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