from the Mary-El Tarot

Tarot is for badasses. If you can’t deal with the dark or shadow aspects of life and yourself, then Tarot is not going to be your thing . Go get some angel cards.

If you feel you have lost your magic, your power, your art – look for the Devil. He can be invisible, mysterious, hard to track – but wherever you have abandoned your deepest yearnings, you will find him. He is your enslavement to the conditioning that leads you to believe you will not survive unless you suppress yourself, follow the rules and stay in good graces with your jailer.

The Devil represents the addictions we use to avoid feeling and expressing the truth – avoidance,  busy-ness, medications, excuses. The Devil convinces us that there is no use – don’t confront your demons, don’t ask for what you really need, don’t rock the boat. This is our bondage to the Devil.

If you see the Devil, it is time to face something that has been hiding in the darkness. What lies are you telling yourself? What truths are you running from? The irony is that behind those fears and woundings and broken, ugly misfit parts – there is an important piece of your genius, waiting to be claimed. The Devil guards your greatest treasure. Do you have the courage to face your biggest baddest demons to get to it?

Devil comes in to show us that yes, indeed, we all have a dark side, and now is a great time to take a good look at your deepest shit because if you don’t take care of it inside of yourself, you will be very confused when it manifests in your life. You will tend to blame your misfortunes and your struggles on other people, thereby missing the point! The more you blame others for your crap, the more the Devil is at work in your psyche.

The Devil archetype lives in our psyches and also in our culture. It causes us to feel fear, and not know why. It causes us to make decisions that are far too safe, far too cautious, avoiding the risks that could lead to big learning and big development. The Devil destroys our wildness, our freedom, our inspiration and our manifestations. The Devil strips us of our soulfulness, drains the life out of us, leaving us numb.

The Devil is about bondage, addictions and the dark side of the psyche. When the Devil appears, ask yourself – how have you sold your soul?
How have you imprisoned yourself?
Why do you pretend that someone else holds the key to your cage? Who?
What is your excuse for staying stuck or afraid or unhappy?
Have you given your power away to someone else?
Is your life determined by should’s and have-to’s?
Is your desire for money, status and ego gratification starting to become destructive?

The Devil tries to scare us from going into the darkest underworld of our unconscious and making brave efforts to bring our disenfranchised parts to the light. In Freudian terms, the devil lives in the id – the part of our psyches where all our repressed urges, wishes, desires and actions live in the darkness.

When you see the Devil – look within. Your truth wants to be expressed. You are being called to a higher level of fearlessness!


Published by Wanda Lemon

Nature is the answer.

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