full-moon-877914_640This Wednesday (10/24/18) we have a Full Moon right next to Uranus opposite Venus – a perfect time to let your true inner wildness be expressed!

Uranus is electrical, radical and spontaneous. He supports our personal expression of uniqueness and originality. If you can find Uranus in your birth chart, you can see where you are motivated to break from the conformity of the past so you can pursue your own unique path. If you are able to look at where this Full Moon falls in your chart, you can see where you are currently needing to bust out of restrictive patterns and habits.

Uranus, in its best expression, helps us transform and push through old conditioning that does not serve our highest expression. Uranus is the pioneer, expressing uniqueness with confidence and joy, as well as connecting to intuition, telepathy and other superconsciousness activities. Uranus loves the new, improved version of everything, always striving for the next level of excellence and perfection.

This Full Moon could bring shocks and surprises that invite us into a new way of perceiving and being. Uranus is unpredictable, unique and out of the box.

Photo by Joshua Fuller on Unsplash

With this full moon activating Uranus, this is a good time to feel into what wants to change in your life. Uranus is currently retrograde until January 6, 2019 – so if you have been noticing your own inner restlessness, you are probably feeling the Uranus electricity which wants us to move out of ruts and old patterns that are not serving you. You can only deny these inner urges for so long, until you become so frustrated or depressed that you are forced to find a better way – or collapse under the weight of the security and safety you have created for yourself.

Uranus’s job is to notice what has been in place too long, what is stuck and ready to change. This does not mean that we are ready for this change – but it will come anyways and we need the strength and flexibility to move with it and grow from it.Each of us has a different comfort level with chaos and change. Those who are more fixed and set in their ways will find Uranian energy uncomfortable and threatening. That’s ok! This Full Moon supports us in making radical changes in order to break free from limiting beliefs and behaviors.

Most of us seek sameness was a way to feel belonging, but this is a fake and ultimately unsatisfying sort of belonging that requires us to hide who we really are. The truth is that if we can be real in our vulnerabilities and eccentricities, the deeper the connections we can have with others who will also feel more comfortable to be real as well. Yes, there will be rejection from various others who may not resonate with our unique expression, but we cannot use that as an excuse to hide our true selves.

Photo by Allinoch / PixabayUranus illuminates where we are intimidated by our own uniqueness and how much fear we hold about not being able to conform or produce in conventional ways. We can notice our own personal repression in this area when we become aware of how we may judge others who do not conform to societal ideals.  This judging of others is a sign of our own deep fear of rejection or persecution being projected on to others. The electrical energy of Uranus wants to flow through our own weirdness so we can feel more connected to others. This requires self acceptance and self love. Enter Venus!

The Full Moon is exactly opposite Venus in the sky and this can highlight our need for love and affection. Ideally, we want to be able to self nurture and develop our own self love, but often this work is done in partnerships. If you have a partner, be aware of any neediness or moodiness – this Full Moon could bring out long simmering tensions. If you are single, notice how you are getting your emotional needs met and be aware of feeling desperate or drowning your loneliness in addictions. I know it can be very easy to get with someone just because they are available, but don’t lower your standards just to be with someone! Full Moon opposite Venus invites us to go within and find true love and compassion for our own sweet selves. Try some self compassion meditations.

For this Full Moon, I recommend you feel into your weirdest self and choose a fun tune that represents your wild side!

…or check out some of these

Gin Wigmore – Black Sheep

Days – Sit Still, Look Pretty 

Kacey Musgraves – Follow Your Arrow

Anything by Lady Gaga! especially Hair



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  1. Dear Wanda,

    Thank you for writing such an illuminating article on the October Full Moon and its alignment with Uranus and Venus. Your words resonated deeply with me and provided valuable insights into embracing our unique wildness.

    The way you described Uranus as the catalyst for personal expression and breaking free from restrictive patterns was enlightening. Your reminder to listen to our inner restlessness and recognize the need for change truly struck a chord with me. I found your encouragement to be real in our vulnerabilities and eccentricities inspiring, as it promotes authentic connections with others.

    Moreover, your emphasis on self-love and self-compassion during this Full Moon period is essential. The reminder to nurture ourselves and seek true love within resonated deeply. Your article has left me feeling empowered to embrace my weirdest self and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.

    Thank you for sharing your wisdom and insights. Your article has provided guidance and inspiration during this transformative time. I look forward to reading more of your work.


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