3 Card Reading Body Mind Soul

Here is a simple 3 card spread that I have morphed, adapted and inspired from Angeles Arrien’s The Tarot Handbook.

The spread describes aspects of body, mind and soul.

Divine Feminine

Body relates to all things of the physical world. How is the body expressing itself in the world? How do other bodies relate to this body? Is there a message from the body? What would the body choose to say if it could speak? How does our perception of external reality

Mind is our beliefs, thoughts, attitudes and the quality of our thinking. This card represents a message that is trying to come through the array of messages that the mind is chattering on about. Much of that chatter seems superficial, unimportant or a result of conditioning or programming. What do we really need to know about what we are thinking?

Soul represents the messages that are coming from a deeper place. Call it what you want, it could be your heart, your gut, your angels, whatever you want. It’s not your mind talk, it’s your internal guidance trying to illuminate an aspect of your deeper self.

Today, I received the Empress as Body. This is the card of the Earth Mama Goddess. She is also the representation of Venus – the goddess of love and beauty, and the Moon which rules intuition and natural cycles. She is the trusting and balanced heart, that gives whole heartedly but never over gives. She does not deplete herself in caregiving, she nourishes herself so she may joyfully nourish life around her.  She is love with boundaries and power.  Birds surround her, symbolizing spirit and spiritual messages. The swan at the bottom of the card is a symbol of transformation. The Ugly Duckling comes to mind, which is a state I have cycled through at many points in life. The Empress is that loving maternal energy that brings all the ducklings home, regardless of their ugliness! My body wants this unconditional love.

At times, when my external reality is challenging for me, I try to imagine a giant Mother Goddess holding me in her massive arms. I am tiny. She is huge. I surrender to her love and protection and let my inner child go to sleep in her arms while I try to get a handle on things. Her wisdom soothes me. This too shall pass, she chants softly, this too shall pass. All I have to do is remember to summon her when I need her. My own love and wisdom will shine on the world as I nurture the Empress within.

As Mind, I received the 3 of Disks. I have the inner motivation to work. I have the passion and the drive to move forward with my work. Sometimes I lack faith in my work, and what it’s true purpose is. This is not time to wonder or worry, but to follow my work desires and push through confusion or fear. The work itself will create clarity. The true work is not distraction work or busy work, it employs body mind and heart together to create a true manifestation of my expression. All the clutter in my mind wants to be put aside, to focus me on my real and true work.

On a Soul level, I am so restless. I know this. I dream of cities, of new people and landscapes and inspiration. I dream of fearless pursuit of my desires and my vision.  The Princess of Wands came today to reiterate the importance of my commitment to freedom, and my desires to overcome self imposed limitations. This Princess has the tiger by the tail, which is the symbol of the fear that was previously restraining her. I am overcoming a major fear, and will be liberated as I reach a new level of self awareness…

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