If you aren’t terrified, then you aren’t Transforming!

Photo on 4-7-15 at 1.06 PMTransformation is happening, it is a natural process. We don’t get to force it, but we can help it along. Here we have a delicate point in the process – the chrysalis is disintegrating – becoming translucent, and soon the cocoon will fall away and we will be forced to spread our wings. It feels really freaky!! What if, upon first spreading our wings, they are shredded to bits? What if we never survive the process of unfurling?

I love the suit of swords. It refers to the realm of the mind -the place where all suffering begins and ends. The 8 is really a place of anxiety – of projecting fears into the future. All those pointy swords are so threatening. What if we get slain?

This act of transformation can feel death defying. If you have ever undergone a physical transformation, you know that actual physical pain is part of the process. Birth, Disease, Dying and even Growing. Yes, childbirth is beautiful and amazing and wonderful, but it also really hurts! Birth Hurts. For both beings involved. Even if your transformation is not physical, if it’s real, I can guarantee that it hurts, too. There’s no way to avoid it. Transformation is painful. And scary. Of course you want to back out! But here is the point where we are invited to move with the process and sit tight and wait for our moment. Will we be shredded as we spread our wings? Maybe. Will we be pierced by the swords and slain in our vulnerability? Possibly. Will we survive this tender state of helplessness? Probably. Will we unfurl our wings anyway? Hopefully.

The one thing I love about the terrifying nature of transformation is that it holds no guarantees. There is no security. There is no promise that it will all turn out alright. I love this, because it is a great equalizer. There are no guarantees that your life will improve. There are no guarantees that you will find love, or make money or be secure in any way. And thats where faith comes in. This is faith in the process. Faith in your experience, that you get what you get and its for your highest good… even if it’s not what you wanted.

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