Body Mind Spirit 3 Card Reading

Body Mind SpiritOne card just wasn’t enough for today! Things have been moving so quickly and intensely for me, that I wanted to look at 3 cards to give myself a deeper reading.

There are so many wonderful methods of looking at 3 cards together – depending on your focus. I am learning that asking questions or having a focus when looking at Tarot really helps the cards come alive and become part of our journey.

This reading is focused on the deeper currents running through my life – taking a look at 3 different ways we experience reality.

My Body card is the Ace of Cups. Whoa! This is a big Feminine Energy card as I see it. The Ace of Cups is generally seen as a big new love or upsurge of positive emotion. My cup is so big – a powerful symbol of the honoring of feelings. This is a great card for the body as it highlights the importance of feelings as a powerful GPS tool to guide us through life. I have often seen the Ace of Cups as a Holy Grail of sorts- the kind that many of us witchy women imagine is the uterus – the center of the Goddess Temple within our bodies. Holding power in the pelvic region is a great way to allow ourselves to feel feelings and allow our emotions while still remaining grounded and centered. Ace of Cups is reminding me to center myself in my pelvic bowl in order to experience the power of my own feelings and needs. My feelings and needs are the fuel for the expansion of my brilliance – without knowing them deeply and intimately, I can become easily lost and confused.

My Mind card is the 7 of pentacles. This is so right on. This card relates to my journey of manifestation in the outer world. I am stretching up and out, nurturing my seeds I have planted and going for forward motion and upward mobility! I have a renewed faith in my intellectual and magical gifts, and I am feeling inspired to cultivate and grow my skills and abilities. The question that this card wants to ask is – how can I continue to grow in order to attain mastery in my chosen fields? (Tarot, Healing, Soul Crafting, Writing, Guiding, Creating). I can see that there is already manifestation magic at work in my life!

Spirit card is 3 of Wands. My spirit is working on my vision for my future. Looking through this portal, The future looks beautiful and fascinating, but is still relatively unclear. I cannot craft my vision of the future from my mind. I need to let spirit lead the way and show me, little by little, how I can continue to become more adept at knowing myself and harnessing my powers for the greatest good. Spirit sees what the mind cannot. I will let my passion (wands=fire) lead me. This card is telling me to keep being heart centered and know I am supported by life!

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