Conscious Uncoupling and the Mothers

“We are living in an age of unprecedented disorientationClaire Zammit

When couples divorce, it can unleash a destructive force that affects everyone touched by their lives. It is clear that even though many of us are choosing to end difficult / abusive / painful relationships, we are not prepared to deal with the grief and anguish that comes along with a major breakup. If we could learn how to navigate breakups with more awareness, we could use this pain as a path to self love. As we grow ourselves, we unleash unprecedented power to be a force for good in the world.

Katherine Woodward Thomas created the term Conscious Uncoupling and the 5 step healing program that it describes.  She is a deep feeling, insightful, intelligent and spiritual woman who is passionate about helping people heal.  She does this by leading our body-mind to experience profound insights that catalyze new levels of growth and empowerment.

Conscious Uncoupling does not just describe an amicable split – but rather a process of transforming deep wounds in order to create a whole new relationship to self.

How can the Mother cards support us in our journey of Consciously Uncoupling from the meaning we have made about ourselves and our journey in love and relationship?

The Mother of Cups is one with her feelings. She is not overwhelmed by feelings, she uses them to gain wisdom and insight into the magical workings of the world. The Mother of Cups shows us how to be masterful with our feelings as we allow them to flow through us. She is psychic.


The Mother of Swords stands for wisdom, intellect, and the inherent power of clarity and self trust. She is one with her inner knowing. She has suffered, and gained much wisdom. She is sharp when she has to be but peaceful and calm by nature.

The Mother of Wands knows her own value. She is one with her creativity. She protects her own. Her intuition is spot on, and she strikes when necessary, never wasting her energy. She has tamed her rage and turned that energy into creative output. She is vibrant.

The Mother of Pentacles is sweet and strong. She is deeply aware of all that goes on around her. She is an active nurturer, as she knows the power and danger in vulnerability. Her home is filled with love and kindness. She teaches us to be kind to ourselves first, with loving and nurturing self-talk.

In order to hold ourselves in the midst of difficult transitions, it is helpful to see some aspect of each Mother in ourselves, so we may strengthen our own vision of ourselves as wise, strong and capable of self nurturing.




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