Graceful Change Requires Balance – 2 of Pentacles

IMG_7284We want excitement, movement, evolution, newness – we think. But we don’t want to really change anything major. How can we work within an existing structure to get what we want without upsetting the apple cart?


This card reminds us that magic requires balance. This is a yes, but – or a yes, and…. lets work this out together. Let’s listen. Let’s negotiate. Let’s try to have safety and change. Can we have both? This card says we can.

Parameters are required. Expansion is a given and must be nurtured within balance. Don’t over-do or under-do. Stay true to your inner yearnings. Work both sides of the brain – the logical, rational and the creative inspirational. Intention and action are equally important.

Paddle on both sides of the boat so you don’t go in circles!

Stay real! Things are moving forward quickly, and it is time to learn the lesson of balance now, before things get too big to handle. Stay with the purity of your deepest intention. Don’t give yourself away. Be where you are at. It’s gorgeous right here where we are. Don’t lose the beauty of this moment by hurling yourself into the future or getting stuck in the past. Breathe in. Breathe out. Stay in balance.



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