The Fool-Boldness is Genius


img_9400The Fool is telling us to start something – that wild and crazy thing that keeps hinting to us – even if we have no idea how it’s supposed to play out. The who, the what, the where, the why, the when… this will all fall into place once we have started out. The truth is that we only have this moment. This is all there is. We are wasting our time trying to plan for a specific outcome. Things will never happen the way we expect.

This is obvious if you already have a positive outlook on life and faith in the goodness of the universe/ Goddess-God / external forces. The Fool would like you to look at your worldview. Do you see the world as cruel or kind? Are people against you or for you? Is life a constant struggle or are you aware of all the support and blessings around you? Without a general sense of the goodness of life, there is no way to actually experience adventure, growth or serendipity.

First assignment. Make sure you are constantly developing a sense that the world is on your side. Begin to know that you are here to fully flourish in joyful ways. This is called faith. Without it, you won’t be able to take risks, enjoy yourself or feel the “wind beneath your wings”.  The Fool calls us to innocence, positive thinking and trust.  If you struggle with the concept, that’s ok. Just ACT AS IF when you fly off that branch, you will be able to flap your wings and survive! It may not be pretty but the Fool is no perfectionist. She wants to experience adventure!

The Fool says – expect a miracle. You may fly or you may splat on the ground or maybe both. But you can’t sit on this branch for the rest of your life! Just doooooo it! Expect serendipity. Proceed as if the world was a very loving place, as if the universe was on your side.

Imagine that all the forces around you are conspiring to shower you with blessings (thank you Rob Brezsny) because they are! If you believe that all of life is supporting you, all of a sudden it may not be so difficult to make a wild choice, change directions, choose to follow your heart….

The Fool represents the most advanced part of us – the innocent, the trusting, the playful, the natural. Simple but not easy.

The best choices are made spontaneously. The best adventures are planned on the back of envelopes. Magic appears when I am unplanned, open, available and aware. This does not mean don’t make plans. But the Fool says, don’t be attached to your plans. ACT AS IF the whole world is conspiring to support you, to love you, to help you fulfill your highest potential. ACT AS IF you can’t fail!

“Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it! Boldness has genius, magic, and power in it.” Goethe






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