Princess of Swords

The court cards are each a representation of a person you may be dealing with or an aspect of your own self. It could even be both, since the people on the outside of our lives are reflections of our inner selves. Whatever we perceive in another person is most likely a mirror of ourselves, whether we like it or not!

The suit of Swords represents the element of air and the realm of the mind. The sword itself is a powerful symbol for the important work of taming the mind in order to put it to work for us, instead of against us.

The Princess of Swords is a warrior against the dark forces of negative thinking. Angeles Arrien calls her the “mood fighter”.  She rises above the dark clouds of negative thinking and uses practicality to cut through the fog of despair so that the light can shine through. She is also showing us the strength required to fight off the negative effects of other people’s moods and their effects on us. Are we working against someone else’s negative energy? Are our thought patterns obscuring our vision?

Once we have cut through the fog of negative thinking, it is important to follow through with ideas and inspirations that arise within. The Princess of Swords lends us her power to stay aligned with our desires and the power of possibility in our lives, despite negative thought patterns, depression or other paralyzing negativities. The green of her costume symbolizes the power of new life and the regenerating power of positive thinking.

Sometimes the old stories, limitations, false beliefs and fear based thought patterns can really wage war on our psyches. The Princess of Swords reminds us that we need to take action in order to slice away at the old beliefs that lead us into negative moods.

There is hope, but we must be courageous and take action to bring the light into our psyches so that we have the power to perceive our deepest yearnings and the faith in our power to fulfill ourselves.

Astrological sign: Aquarius

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