4 of Swords

The suit of Swords refers to the realm of the mind. This is where the battle rages! So much suffering! But the 4 is a place of stability, of peace, where we have the clarity and perspective to seek our own center where it is calm and there is no argument, no judging, no battling against what is. Even though we are talking about the realm of the mind here, the truce can be experienced in all 4 layers of our being – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.

The truce is, fundamentally a truce with ourselves. Stop the self judgement! Stop the self criticism! Stop the story telling that ties us in knots. There is no past to struggle with, no future to worry about. There is only the now, the precious now. Now keeps providing us with itself. It gives us another chance. Another chance. Look, it keeps giving us more chances. Once we surrender our defenses, our stories, our endless mind talk, we have created peace in our mind. We are no longer at war.

Are we imagining that we are at war with another person? Is there unresolved anger or resentment from the past? Are we still defending ourselves against past attacks? Many of us carry on battles that have technically been over for years. Finding peace, truth and a truce with our realities can set us free to see things for what they really are.

Truth be told, I pull this card a lot lately. I am going through a divorce with a very angry former partner. I desire peace within myself but I am challenged regularly as I move to untangle our business partnership and work through parenting issues. The truce card comes up again and again to remind me to hold a peaceful mindset even as I struggle through inner and outer challenges. I am calling my path the “Jedi Divorce”, imagining that the force is with us and our family unit as we navigate a new way of living and being.  A calm mind is essential when navigating transitions! Thank you, Tarot, for this reminder!

Byron Katie is a master facilitator at working through conflicts of the mind in order to gain peace. She guides people through the battles we rage against reality in our own minds. Once we can see the falsity of our unconscious thoughts, we can surrender and experience the peace of the Truce.  Here is a great summary of her book “I Need Your Love: Is that True?”

The Astrological signifiers on this card are Jupiter in Libra.  Jupiter is the planet that governs the abstract mind, and the process of opening our minds, both intellectually and spiritually. Libra is the sign of balance and harmony.

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