The Magician

Today I pulled a card from the Rider Waite deck… And it’s proof that Magic is real. The Magician!

This card is number 1 of the Major Arcana. The first step of any spiritual journey, or of any personal growth journey is to fully realize our own powers. Who is the Magician? We all are, if we want to be. If we are ready to take responsibility for our thought processes, our choices, our relationships and our positions in life, we are ready to start making conscious choices that can lead us towards the fulfillment of our deepest yearnings.

The Magician is surrounded by the warm glow of the sun. The flowers bloom around him, and the sign for eternity floats above his head.

He holds his 2 pointed wand in his right hand. He points to the earth with his left hand.  “As above, so below“.

The power of the heavens and earth combine to create the energy required to shift our mindset. If magic is real, then anything is possible. The consciousness of possibility is the power of the Magician. All the tools are present on the table, representing our power to create reality through the 4 aspects of our being – mental (sword), emotional (cup), physical (pentacle) and spiritual (wand).

The Magician gives us the strength to become conscious creators of our reality.

tumblr_lij6gqfrgo1qbtpl5o1_500__fullQuestion our thoughts, question our beliefs, and become open to our true desires. How are our patterns of thinking preventing us from having the experiences we crave?

Every time we make a conscious choice to question our unconscious thoughts, and choose a thought that feels better, we are evoking the power of the magician. Judging ourselves and others is a great place to start. Once we start taking responsibility for creating our realities, possibilities open up and supreme Magic takes its place in our lives.  The Magician has harnessed the power of true self love, self esteem and the confidence to enjoy the full flourishing of our talents, abilities and powers.

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