The Lovers – Thoth Deck

Who are we in our nakedness? Who are we when we allow ourselves to be completely vulnerable? How do we access self love, the love that binds shadow and light, that brings the alchemy of transformation, the opening of joy and the uniting of opposites? How can we manifest that in relationship to another?

The Lovers reflect the masculine and feminine aspects of ourselves in harmony. Our Mars and Venus dance the lovers – flourishing, glowing, embellishing everything in their path!

On the path to soul making, we are sometimes lead into the mystery of Romance. This realm is a powerful and dangerous place, where we learn agonizing and glorious truths about ourselves, opening some of the darkest rooms in our hearts. As romance deepens, we are asked further into her mysteries to learn to relate and bond. If we can learn basic skills and capacities of the lovers, we can move into approaching romance as an art – a “royal road to soul”.

When we fall in love, we start by projecting our best selves on to our lover. As time passes, we will also begin to project our darker sides.  Once we are able to see our own shadow in our lovers eyes, and still love despite it, we are beginning to enter a magical realm where there is a great possibility of healing and soul growth.

How terrifying! How frightening! The intense feelings aroused in love are evocative of a higher state of consciousness.  Hope and fear are one, as we step through the gates into the temple of our deepest selves. The possibility of rejection or abandonment can loom in the shadows for many people. This is a realm where we are called to face the most wounded parts of ourselves,

Soulful romance is a spiritual experience, offering opportunities to communicate with the unseen, connect to magic and synchronicity, uncover our most sacred wounds and shadow selves and welcome us into a union with the true beloved – the oneness of all things!

Sacred sexuality in the context of a loving relationship is a celebration of nature, and a reminder of our innate connection to all the living beings on our planet.

The lover is a catalyst, a doorway to the divine. One of the great lessons of this card is that the Lover is not the cause of our experience of the Mystery, but only a catalyst.  To blame or praise our lover for the gain or loss of this experience is misguided and irresponsible. Soulful romance implies a commitment to taking responsibility for our experience, and for our relationship to all that is.

To be a Lover, we must stay connected to our child selves, our innocence, our playfulness. We must be willing to be loyal and committed to our partner, and we must be able to be fully ourselves alone and in solitude. There needs to be passion and compassion.

All relationships have the power to be a transformational experience, if we are open to learning, growing and opening our hearts.

The Lovers card is ruled by the sign of Gemini, the Twins.

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