10 of Disks – Wealth

Thoth Deck

Thoth Deck

At first look, this card appears to be a pile of money! Who wouldn’t want that? We are all looking for the security that we imagine money wealth could bring us, but this card points to a deeper kind of wealth, a truer wealth. One of the best examples I can think of here is the wealth of friends and loving family. We can have a lot of money, but without the love of the people in our world, we will still be living in a poverty of the spirit. On the flip side, if we are secure in our loving relationships, we can have the security and happiness we seek without excess wealth.

True wealth is of course, our connection to spirit, to our own hearts and the flourishing of our gifts and talents. Wealth is not just something we can “own”, it is also what we have to offer the world. How do we allow the flow of love, kindness, generosity and compassion? Is it abundant?

There are 3 symbols for Mercury on the top three coins. This points to the power of our communications in the world that generate wealth.  How do we express ourselves? How are we received? How do we interact? This is a key to the possibilities that wealth has to offer. Do we flow with the abundance of our situations? Are we creative in our dealings with others? Above all, are we kind?  The 3 Hebrew symbols on the middle coins represent abundance.  The 3 coins with Star formations represent your inspirational gifts. What a wealth of inspirations we receive regularly. How often do we acknowledge the wealth of inspiration we get from Spirit? The caduceus on the bottom represents our own personal healing gifts. This is a key to our true Wealth. How do we make our world better for our having been here? Source our gifts and offer them.  Heal ourselves so that we may help to heal others and the land.

Wealth is not just getting. Wealth is giving and receiving. Wealth is flow. Wealth is trust that there is enough for all of us, and that true wealth is connection to the earth (Disks are an earth sign, there are disk-like slices of tree combined with the coins)

Our thoughts are the key to experiencing wealth. May we see wealth everywhere, and ourselves as givers and receivers of great wealth in this world.

Astrological symbol: Mercury in Virgo

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