5 of Swords – Defeat

5 of Swords - DefeatAs a Tarot Reader, I am learning how to use the energy of the cards that point to some of the most frightening aspects of our psyche.  The best way I know how to do this is to use my own Shadow work as a pathway into these darkest of places.

Defeat. It’s a terrifying one, but if we can travel through the truth of this fear, we can shake off one of the most paralyzing mind states that humans can experience. This card is especially freaky – with the bloody handkerchief tied to the handle of one of the swords, and the creepy blood drop/rose petals that form the shape of the reversed pentacle.

This card is better referred to as the Fear of Defeat. Somehow, based on past woundings, we developed a mindset of defeat. Those wounds are not healed, and are raw still.  These are most likely painful or traumatic childhood woundings that still unconsciously operate in the psyche.

The fear of defeat makes us choose guaranteed safety instead of our hearts desire.

The bottom sword has an upside down crown on it, indicating the blockage of the crown chakra, where divine wisdom would be able to flow in.  With our woundedness taking over our thought-space, we are not able to see things as they are. We see everything through the pain of what we perceive as our past defeats. Were we able to win the love and approval of the people most important to us in our early lives? Were we able to win our freedom to be ourselves in a world that encourages conformity? Those of us who can relate to this fear know what I am talking about.

The only way to conquer this fear is to go there. Into our deepest, most sacred wounds. Scary, yes. But the alternative is scarier. May the force be with you!

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