Knight of Disks

Oh, Baby. Such a good man. The Knight of Disks. We often hear of Mother Earth or Mother Nature, well, this guy could be referred to as Father Earth, or even Father Nature.  He is not holding a weapon, it is actually a threshing tool. His helmet is thrown back as he is not concerned with battle. He is a guardian of the Earth.  He is patient, calm and has a deep understanding of the cycles of nature.  He would be a good character to take care of your finances or to look deeply into what kind of physical healing you need. Solid, reliable and dependable, he is the ideal Doctor, Herbalist, Farmer, Financial Planner, Father.  He is wise with money, food and time. He is patient and allowing.

Knight of DisksIn a way, the Knight of Disks is the Great Investor. It could be money, or it could be something else…

What are we investing our energy in?

Do we understand the metaphorical cycles of planting, growth and harvest?

Do we have the patience to tend our “crops” calmly and with care?

What are we planting?

What do we hope to harvest?

Are we patient enough to allow the natural cycles to work their own magic?

What this really points to is our innate ability to take responsibility. What shows up in our life is a direct result of what we planted and how it was tended. The Knight of Disks does his work, and points to the necessity that we all do the same. You reap what you sow. Blaming is not an option. Being a victim is not an option.

Maturity is not an option. It is a necessity, and it is a rare and difficult thing to cultivate in our society – where we are stuck in adolescence.  The Knight of Disks invites us to Grow. Grow ourselves, grow our ability to be aware of our responsibilities to ourselves, our people and the planet.

The Knight of Disks could represent an actual person – and if so, he could be a kind, masculine character who is reliable, dependable and capable. As a lover, he is loyal and allowing and generous. The antlers on the helmet signify to me that he is a full grown responsible male, capable of leadership and vision. A true “Stag” in the best sense of the word! (As in, a male deer with large antlers, who takes care of the herd)

Although he is pictured on this card in full armor, I prefer to imagine him as in these photographs by Mariano Testa. All of a sudden, Mr Financial Advisor / Doctor guy isn’t so boring after all!


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