6 of Disks – Success

In our culture, there is so much searching for this deep feeling of inner satisfaction that we call “success”. Why? Because our culture has defined success quite incorrectly, as a game in which the acquisition of money and status becomes the key focus on our quest for inner satisfaction.

Gorgeous gift

Gorgeous gift

While sitting in my old but reliable car, waiting for the light to change, I glanced over at the Audi dealership.  Inside the modern glass and steel building, I could see large pictures on the wall with shiny cars traveling through gorgeous landscapes. The caption read, “Emotional Satisfaction”. I will be emotionally satisfied, and surrounded by beauty once I have that car. This is a common belief in our culture, even though, every day people are emotionally unsatisfied with their latest purchase or promotion or perceived power. Right? I know. You know.

So what IS success?

This awesome, magical beautiful card from the Thoth Tarot deck, illustrated by Lady Freida Harris, has some really great answers to that question.

The formula for success is represented by the 6 planetary symbols in the disks.

Saturn is serious and represents discpline, especially self discipline. It is the task master. Yes, success requires sustained effort and an ability to set boundaries. Saturn is the inner adult that recognizes limitations and works seriously.  Saturn knows that reaching goals requires following steps.

Jupiter is flexible and open to new possibilities. Consciousness of possibility is very important in creating success! We want to be aware when new options and inspirations are available to us.

Venus is the heart. True success involves a connection to our own hearts- deep yearnings and desires are signs of the possibilities of our greatness. We must follow what has true meaning. Success is found in courage – the true strength of heart.

The Moon represents our emotions and feelings. How do we stay connected to our intuitive guidance, regardless of what the culture or community is telling us? Success requires that we operate from a place of authenticity. What is our truth?

Mercury is all about communication. How we organize our communications, our messages, our relationships to our audience. It’s one thing to know our truth, it’s another thing to be able to live it and communicate it in a way that is received gorgeously and gratefully by the beings who are meant to receive it.

Mars gives us the energy and intensity to take all this truth and dance it into the greater spiral of the world!

The lotus on the inside of the circle represents the profound truth that success is a seed in the innermost part of our being, that we must nurture. It will then project outwards and manifest into the world. Success is not something created outside ourselves and then felt inwardly. Start with the seed. The outer manifestations will take care of themselves.

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