Queen of Wands - Rider WaiteHere is a classic representation of Feminine Power as worldly power. Radiant, graceful, natural and confident.

Look how she sits, with her legs firmly planted, and separated. She cannot be swayed. The cat sits perfectly between her open legs and I believe this card represents true Pussy Power!

Wands represent the element of fire. Fire is creativity, inspiration, intuition and desire. The Queen, a feminine character is related to the element of water, which is representative of the feelings, the emotions, dreams, romance and the subconscious. When these elements are combined, we get a female character who is powerful because she truly knows herself.  True self knowledge means that one can act instinctively, without self questioning.  Her actions and choices are based in deep knowing, self confidence and a connection to spirit.

The sunflower is commonly known as a symbol of joy and light. It also is associated with the Manipura, or 3rd chakra, (at the solar plexus/ navel area) which (in the Yoga tradition) is understood as being the centre of personal will and self esteem. This is the place of our “gut feelings”. Tuning in to this area of the body can give us deep insights about how we feel about a certain person, event or possibility.

The Lions on the card relate to the sign of Leo – creativity, childlike freedom, inspiration and personal pride. The Queen’s throne rises up past the edge of the card, symbolizing endless possibility. The ability to put ourselves in a place of limitless possibility is a hallmark of real self-esteem. Be aware of every time we limit ourselves with negative thinking or yes/but scenarios. This is when we need to strengthen our self love and self esteem. A healthy sense of humor helps to keep things light and to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously. (check the video I posted at the bottom of this piece!)

The Queen of Wands invites us to be true to our gut feelings. This does not mean caving in to fear or letting our discomfort about something rule our decisions. A healthy Queen of Wands is able to take risks – big or small – and take responsibility for her or himself without wallowing in self criticism or fears of judgement.

An unhealthy Queen of Wands wears a mask of confidence in order to appear to be self sufficient or protect herself from imagined attacks. He or She can be very charming when she wants to be, but only to people who are willing to uphold her false persona. This is someone who avoids authenticity and vulnerability as if it is a contagious disease that she is determined not to catch. Unfortunately, life will chip away at her armor eventually and she will be subject to all the pain and humiliation she appeared to avoid so well during her prime. We can only be compassionate for her pain, for on some level, we can all relate.

I love the wands suit of the Rider Waite for its blatantly phallic wands. As she sits serenely on her throne, she calmly grips that phallus, as if her masculine power is assisting her but not running her show. She balances her inner masculine and feminine in order to create a new paradigm of power in our evolving world.

Published by Wanda Lemon

Nature is the answer.

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