Knight of Wands – On Fire for Change!

Hot Warrior Guy Slayer of Internal Dragons

Hot Warrior Guy Slayer of Internal Dragons

On the heels of the Queen of Wands (of the last post) rides the Knight of Wands! Here is the dude that is man enough to match the Queen of Pussy Power (I mean Wands). What makes him her match?

Here is a masculine character that is not afraid. He faces his own demons with energy, courage and passion. He fights fire with fire! He goes deep and is committed to personal and planetary evolution. He slays negative thinking! He slays old patterns! He slays anything that stands in the way of his growth!

The Knight of Wands is on a constant vision quest. What is the truth? What is the real truth? What is truer than the real truth? What is the grain of bullshit there? Weed it out! He wants it. He seeks to take full responsibility for his consciousness, his behavior and his reactions. And this work keeps him busy because he lets it all hang out, fearlessly. He says what he feels, and then deconstructs it for what it is. He is constantly remaking himself – symbolized by the snakeskin on his armor, never resting, knowing conscious evolution is a lifelong process.

Getting feedback actually turns this man on. He loves it. He’s like, “Thanks! Thanks for telling me that I didn’t change that diaper right” “Thanks for showing me how to touch you!” “Wow, you’re right, that comment was racist/sexist/historically inaccurate!” and then he charges full force towards the internal dragons he loves to slay.  He doesn’t want a partner who tells him he is perfect every day. Sexy, yes. Perfect, no. He feels validated when his flaws are pointed out. He feels recognized, he feels seen, and he feels inspired to move forward to become more of what he envisions he could be. He combines passion, intensity and courage. True courage, to face his inner demons, his inner struggles, his own sacred wounds.

Here is a character who is totally foreign to the idea of failure. Everything is a process. Off to the next thing. Try again. Try again. Try again. His vitality is powerful. He turns every challenge into fuel for his greatness. Every time he goes into battle, he is there to slay the real demons – egotism, arrogance, fear, self pity.

The Shadow side of this Knight would be narcissism, superficial self obsession, self destructiveness, addiction. He would be that creepy guy in the therapy group trying to appear as if he is working on himself, but he’s actually just trying to get sympathy, attention and to attract someone to feed his broken ego. He could be abusive or chauvinistic or brilliantly manipulative.

In the olden days, we used to imagine that personal growth had a characteristic that was essentially feminine. In the olden days, vulnerability was considered weakness. We now know how much courage, passion and intensity it takes to be vulnerable. This is the masculine expression of the spiritual warrior, needed by men and women alike. This is the fierce self love that it requires to face ourselves and eventually mature into a soulful adult.

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