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The Wild Unknown Tarot Divorce Spread
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Divorce Spread

When I first starting reading Tarot, I used directions from books and experts, and I mostly concentrated on the Celtic Cross.  As I have become more deeply connected to the Tarot, I have been creating intuitive spreads, following my inner voice that leads me to lay the cards in a certain way, flowing with what they are showing me.  Today, I downloaded a potent spread in order to have perspective on my divorce in process.

Card 1 (second from the left) – What is the gift or challenge that I have received in relation to this process?   7 of Pentacles. This card tells of creative desires and the ability to turn them into a reality. It is the first stages of manifestation, and there is a desire to nurture conditions for success.  Financial goodness does apply.

Card 2 (center) – What is the support I need? 4 of Swords. I need clarity of mind and peace. This card represents meditation and calm mind.

Card 3 (right of center) – What do my children need? High Priestess. They need me to be a powerful strength, a guide. They need feminine occult wisdom! They need a witchy magic mama to get us all through this passage. They need wisdom and perspective and magical leadership.

Card 4 (furthest left in the line)- What did I carry into this relationship and leave behind? 3 of Swords. Necessary heartbreak. Beautiful ugly terrifying mandatory heartbreak. I carried this bloody bound version of a heart into the partnership. The sad, broken, painful yet gorgeous bravery that lead me to feel all my feelings, from all lifetimes. I also call this card “Take it like a woman” because of the depth of the painful beauty of feeling the broken heart for real. My former partner didn’t break my heart, he just got me to awaken to its original state of bloody awesomeness. My awareness of this helps to evaporate it’s hold on my subconscious.

Card 5 (first card above the line) – What is the over arching theme of this experience? Mother of Wands. This is my card. I just got this deck yesterday and I have pulled this card way way more than any other card. I love this deck, and the court cards are a special treat. Mother, Father, Daughter, Son. The fiery mother snake guards her eggs. Here we have the fierce representation of the divine feminine. The eggs could represent my children, or they could represent my creative ambitions and inspirations, my magical essence that I rescued from the burning tower, my self worth, my personal dignity.

Card 6 (furthest right) – What will I become as a result of this? 3 of pentacles. The astrological symbols for this card is Mars in Capricorn. I will climb my mountain. I will have the strength to build my world. I will be determined. I will be focused. I will persevere.

Card 7 + 8 (below the long row) – What is already supporting me or underlying the situation that I am not fully aware of? This came out so sweet! 10 of Cups – I AM emotionally fulfilled. This divorce is not ruining anyone’s life. This is my way of having a happy family. This is my path through the ideals that were presented to me by society and my culture. I moved past that to learn what true emotional fulfillment is – and it’s self love, self worth, self regard and self care. That’s true. Chariot – I AM powerfully and gracefully moving forward. Check. I was just not fully in touch with this truth until the cards graced me with their kind presence. I want this horse image on the Chariot card to be my imaginary tattoo.

Card 9- (bottom) – What is the underlying principle of this journey? 9 of cups. I like this specific representation, because it has a mournful quality. The Moon speaks of deep intuition and feeling that transcends the personal, that goes into the collective. My journey, my suffering, my emotions are not separately contained within me. I am one with all things, in joy and sweet sorrow.

Card 10 – (very tippy top) – What is the umbrella or big energy leading this process? A potential outcome? As soon as I pulled Justice after I asked this question, I knew that Tarot was working with me powerfully. Of course, Justice is a huge theme when one is embroiled in a legal battle. My divorce involves 2 children and a business that I built with my partner. This has not been simple. Justice. HA! Reading this card, I see the cats, a wonderful expression of how I see Justice – Just ice. The sword between the pussies says it all. All is fair in love and war. Best thing to do is be a cool cat and let clear thinking be the guide. No drama, no games, no more whining and complaining. Kitty does not want to hear it. Lets cut the cord.

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