Judgement – The truth will set you Free!

IJudgement was always initially wary of this card, what with it’s seemingly Christian tone – Judgement Day! You’re in Big Trouble! I used to see it like the Principals office of the Tarot. But I was viewing it through my adolescent rebellious side. But no! This is a card I could have never understood until I myself reached this wonderful transformative ass kicking amusement park called Mid-Life!

This card really means that the Truth will be known! And it will set us free. Clarity flies up from the trees. The masks are getting stripped off. The facades are crumbling. Spirit is here and she’s gonna tell it like it is! And you’re gonna take it like a Woman!!

This is a card of transformation, of deepening into a spiritual purpose that will bring a radical change. But it is a good change. It is a stripping of one of your layers of self deception. Who did you think you were fooling anyways?

(Cue the gospel music here!)

The bird-angel forgives you. Now its time for you to forgive yourself and all the people who have hurt you or wronged you or messed with you in some way. You can’t take your resentments to the light. You can’t take your addictions or your denials or your fears. Let go of your junk and your defenses. Let go of the weight that is making you wait so long to feel free!

We are moving closer and closer to what we call Spirit, here. It’s time to let go of something that is holding your spirit down. It’s time to fly, baby!!

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