10 of Swords – Kill it! Butcher it! Grill it!

10 of Swords Today I decided to ask the magical oracle of Tarot a question that would shift me further into gratitude for my wonderful adventurous, meaningful, love filled life.

So, I said, “What is the best thing about my life right now?” And I pulled this! Ha! No, really, I thought. That didn’t work. But so it is. The best thing about my life right now is that all the swords are in. There are no more swords to put in the beast. The beast is in the process of being slain. This beast seems to be still standing, so it’s a process but the sword through the eye says it all. Suffering, big time. Blindness too!

The best thing about my life is that the suffering is almost over. This is true. I hope. I have been in the process of trying to become divorced from a difficult person, and extract myself from our 17 year life together. The swords have been going in and out for over 2 years now while he creates the most difficult divorce process possible.

There is a melodramatic essence to this image, for sure. But thats the thing about melodrama. It is still only an approximation of the sheer amount or weight of pain that we may be feeling. We exaggerate the pain so that we may get the attention and empathy we yearn for when we are suffering. As in – How’s it going, Margot?  – Well, thanks for asking. I’ve got 10 swords in me, including one through my eyeballs. But the good news is there are no more swords. There are only 10 and I’ve got them all. So I guess I’m doing pretty good because I’m ready for something new at this point.

Tens are the ending of the cycle, and a hint of something new on the horizon, a starting of a new cycle.

So, the best thing about my life is that the sword through the eyes is allowing me to stop seeing things “the old way” and to start crafting a new story of my life, based on a different kind of vision. I’m going to Kill this bull! Then we will butcher it and grill it up! Yum. Suffering can be very productive.

2 responses to “10 of Swords – Kill it! Butcher it! Grill it!

  1. thank you! pulled this card for my future today and is was already my past for the last years… well, thanks! hello! it’s okay!


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