7 of Swords – Fuck it.

Photo on 3-27-15 at 10.08 AM #2Whats the point? Forget it. Fuck it.

The saboteur has come to stay. Every inspirational idea or plan you have is useless. You’re broken, your sword is broken. It’s not gonna work. We have reached a certain kind of hell, which is known as futility.

You’re helpless, its hopeless.Negative thinking has taken siege of your being.

Futility is a hell I am familiar with. The symbols on the end of the swords relate to the planets, and their shadow or negative expressions.

Saturn is like a big downer guy who tells us we can’t and all the reasons why.

Mercury says, put it off. Maybe someday. Maybe never.

Jupiter reminds us that we have no luck, that there are no opportunities available to us.

Mars symbolizes our lack of energy and drive.

Venus doesn’t care.

How do we get unstuck from this yucky place? It is really a place of non-empowerment, lack of self esteem and copping out.

First, lets make a list of all the reasons that we can’t do or have something that we want. How many of these are actually real limitations. Start becoming aware of limiting thoughts and realize that so often, we constantly create limitations without even realizing it. Who is sabotaging?

What voice in your head is trying too hard to keep you safe and keep you from moving towards your deepest desires? Usually the inner child is involved in this negative self talk. She could be afraid that she will not be safe if you pursue your desires, and instead of trying to stomp her down, listen to her. Allow her to express herself. Nurture her. Get deeper than the negative thinking. What is behind it? What are your real needs?

Futility is a sign that it is time for us to go deeper and inquire about our fears. What is behind them? Which ones are real? Some of them are not real, but of course some of them are real, and it is important to address them. What can we do to empower ourselves to move through these limitations? Face the fear, embrace the fear. We are allowed to be afraid. Our feelings are real. Feel the futility and move forward anyways.

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