3 of Swords – Popping the Psychic Zit

3 of Swords - Mythic
This is a card from the Mythic Tarot by J. Sharman-Burke and goddess of astrology Liz Greene. I have loved this deck for many years, and have learned so much about Tarot from studying the Greek Mythology which Liz applied to the Tarot system. 3 of Swords is one of my favorite cards, and it’s nuance depends on which deck we are using. It’s meaning, in general, is to face the pain.

So what’s going on in this crazy image?!

This is a picture of Clytemnestra, and her lover murdering her husband, Agamemmnon. There are many differing accounts of this myth, but in this interpretation, Agammemnon was an evil husband who raped his wife and forced her into marriage. It is a good thing he is getting slaughtered! This 3 of swords points to the empowering feeling of facing our own pain and dealing with it!

Of course, I am not recommending husband-killing as it is a crime, punishable by law. I am not advocating enlisting the help of your lover to stab your husband while he is taking a bath. Do not do this at home! This is not a solution to a modern day issue! This is a myth, a story meant to illuminate an aspect of your psyche. If you do have a husband that you wish would die, that’s an important feeling to acknowledge. It means you need to leave your marriage. At least for now, while you straighten out what’s really going on for you. If you already have a lover, I don’t recommend getting him to help you murder your husband. That would be wrong. It would be one of those things you will probably not get away with, no matter how evil your husband is. Don’t do this at home!

But what are you “married” to against your will? What in your self is abusing you? What part of you treats you like dirt, disrespects you, belittles you, attacks you? Become aware of the voices inside your mind, and how some of them sound. Who doesn’t let you be who you really are? Who tells you that your desires are stupid or lame or impossible to fulfill? This is your inner abuser that needs to be stabbed in the tub. It is your psychic zit and it is filled with pus. It is time to pop it!

When it is time to feel all your pain, let it out. Really scream and cry. Go deeper and cry about your pain as far back as you can remember. Feel it, be it, honor it and let it out! Break something! Break a bunch of stuff! Crank some angry music and get it out. Don’t let the ugliness fester inside of you. It’s time to pop the psychic zit!!

Published by Wanda Lemon

Nature is the answer.

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