Daughter of Swords – Magic is Real

Photo on 4-10-15 at 2.30 PMYesterday I pulled this card just before going to a friends house to give her a reading. The card is a beautiful symbol of budding psychic sensitivities, a willingness to settle the mind in order to receive insights. I was very inspired that I pulled this beautiful card and looked forward to an insightful reading.

I arrived at my friends house and settled in to prepare for our reading. As I was getting the table ready, she pointed out that there was a barn owl watching us from a tree outside her window. I spotted her immediately. Whoa. Really? There she was, the Daughter of Swords looking straight at me. Seriously!

We are all born with the ability to be psychic. We all experience synchronicities. Sometimes we perceive them for the magic that they are, sometimes we blow it off as “coincidence”, and sometimes we are able to imagine that we are getting a download from the Divine, letting us know we are in the right place, on the right track.

This particular card is so powerful because it speaks to a youthful and open attitude to the mind. There is so much that we cannot perceive with our daily consciousness. In order to truly perceive the magic, we must turn our mind around. We must tame its daily rattling so that we can begin to see the truth of what surrounds us.

Daughter of Swords perches on her sword. She is not using the sword. She is holding it at rest. The sword is the mind. She is using the power of her mind in an unconventional way, as a perch. In this way, she begins to perceive the colored lights around her.

I imagine that these colored lights are a symbol of the devas or the fairies or helper spirits that surround us at all times. They are present in our life, just waiting for us to call on them for assistance and guidance. They have so much power to help us in small and big ways, and if we acknowledge them and communicate with them, their power increases and they can be an active part of our life.

Magic is for everyone. But you have to suspend your 3 dimensional thinking, your conditioning, your mind-talk that constantly tells you that the only things that are real are those you can perceive with your 5 senses. All I am suggesting is that you try it. Silence your thoughts for a moment – or for longer, if you can! Call in your helper spirits. There’s no science to it. Just take a deep breath. Ask them a small favor. (as in- ask for a sign, ask for a parking space, ask for a show of kindness…)

See what happens.

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