Father of Wands – Inner Badass Daddy!

Photo on 5-13-15 at 1.26 PMI call all of my power back to me now. It’s mine and I’m calling it back. It can come home now. I’m strong enough to handle it. I’m not afraid of it any more.  Thanks for holding on to it for me all of these years, thank you for keeping it busy or keeping it locked away or whatever you did with it. I’m calling it back.

What’s mine is mine.

For thousands of generations, the women in my family have opted to give their power to men, because that’s what was required of us. At times we fought back (a little) or got sick or seemed irritated or depressed, without knowing why. Lately, we have been calling our power back. Some of the men in our lives are ok with it, others will go down kicking and spitting, determined to fight for the last drop of life energy they can get. Oh well. If that’s how it’s gonna be…

And I can see why there is confusion. We have been living according to a story of power exchange that has played out and is now shifting. We are all pretty confused about how to gracefully navigate the massive transformation going on all around us. I’m not perfect in it, but I am learning to hold my ground and stop giving in, giving up and giving myself away.

I take responsibility for having given my power away. That was my choice. And so it will be challenging to get it returned. Enter- my inner Badass Daddy! The King of Wands has always been a loving presence in my Rider-Waite Tarot deck. He’s a solid man full of creativity and manifesting power. He says “yes!” to my wild ideas and holds space for me to be confident in my creations.  In the Wild Unknown, my new favorite deck, we have a fantastic interpretation of the Masculine representation of the Creative, Fiery element of Wands. A cobra! He’s got a bolt of lightning in the background, symbolizing his creativity and it’s divine source. He guards his wand, calmly hovering above his coiled body. He’s ready to strike if you mess with him. He says “I’m calling my power back. You got a problem with that?!?”

Don’t mess with the Daddy of Wands. He’s representing the part of me that is calling my power back.

You got a problem with that?!?

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