Photo on 6-16-15 at 1.06 PM #2Today we are celebrating a New Moon in the sign of Gemini. This means that the moon is in her first phase and is not visible from earth. A new moon is a powerful time to set intentions and plant seeds (literally or actually!). As the moon waxes up to Full (over the next two weeks), the energy builds. It is a magical wave that we can ride on if we are conscious of what we desire.

The new moon is always in the same astrological sign as the sun. This gives a theme or certain energy to the intentions we can create.

The astrological sign of Gemini relates to the mind, thinking and communication. It is an Air sign – related to all things mental and intellectual. There is a duality in Gemini – “the twins” and it offers us a chance to take in opposing viewpoints and see things from other perspectives. If we are able, we can become more tolerant, compassionate and able to deal with others who may be challenging us. Gemini is about integrating polarities- within ourselves and in our perceptions.  During a new moon, there are many other astrological influences at play as well that can bring us into greater awareness of how to maximize the magic of our intentions. For our purposes, we’ll just keep it simple here and work with our New Moon in Gemini magic.

What I love the most about learning more about Moon Magic, Tarot and other symbolic modalities, is that there is a real force in our lives that can push us in these directions, even with very little esoteric knowledge or understanding of astrology/symbology/mythology etc. Just knowing the new moons and full moons will bring you into greater awareness of the waxing and waning in your own life.

For instance. I had magically scheduled a counseling session for today without realizing it was a New Moon. What a great day for working through issues with a guide and setting intentions for the next two weeks!  In my session, I had a major revelation about how to deal more effectively with an emotionally violent divorce situation that I am going through. I was able to see my own attachments to “winning” and counterproductive behavior and thought patterns. I saw myself really able now to move forward in choosing my battles and holding a sense of empowerment regardless of another person’s behavior. I realized how I was contributing to the problem…. And this does not come easy! Truthfully, I have been locked in a toxic battle with a partner for many years, and now in our divorce, I am struggling with shifting my perception, my behavior and my experience. Transformation is not easy, people! I have deeply ingrained thought patterns and false beliefs that are really hard to shake. Having a big realization is a very big deal for me!

How do Tarot cards work? I don’t know, but they do.

I really focused on the New Moon and my Intention to step out of conflict in a new way, and I asked for a card to reflect my current state.

Ace of Swords sums it up like no other card. Here we have a card in the realm of air- the mind, the intellect, communication. The crown on top of the sword represents divine insight – literally a higher mind experience as information pours in through the crown chakra. This is a state of clarity and openness to new ideas. The green sword represents the importance of creative thinking. This is essential to the AHA experience that we seek at times when our old ways are not serving us and new ways are unclear…yet.

My intention for the new moon is to hold this insight…. that I can step out of conflict and not “lose” anything. That the old ways of being – the win-lose mentality is counterproductive. That I can “win” by having a mindset that is immune to abuse, cruelty and bad behavior. I can be winning and nobody else has to lose anything. I can step away from trying to prove anything or from hoping that another person will shift into a collaborative mindset.

Ace of Swords represents a powerful insight and a new way of thinking about something. Divine Clarity.

Happy New Moon in Gemini!!

Published by Wanda Lemon

Nature is the answer.

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