Son of Swords – No Fear, Baby!

Son of SwordsThe Son of Swords speaks to risk taking. He is driven from within. He prefers to fly into action rather than wonder  about it- he would rather ask forgiveness than permission. He wants to “get after it”. He valiantly says “who cares if I fail?” He is on an active quest.

This is a masculine adolescent energy in the element of air – a rushing, swift action.

When Court Cards appear, it is a representation of some aspect of yourself. Perhaps you see these qualities in someone else but really the most important thing is to connect with this aspect of the self. The Son of Swords says – take a risk. Act on an inner knowing and see what happens.

An inner knowing is a deep part of yourself that acts as a GPS to guide you through your life. Truthfully, many of us are not connected to this power center known as intuition. We often see intuition as a feminine trait, and taking action as a masculine trait. How can we heal our inner masculine so that we feel the confident pull towards what we intend to produce, create, harvest or experience? Intuition has masculine and feminine qualities and to really know what you desire requires a commitment to self awareness.

The Son of Swords is a mid level expression of masculine power – the power to take risks without being attached to a certain outcome. In a masculine paradigm it may be referred to as gut instinct. There is a desire to push forward to see what can be accomplished. This state is not clouded by emotion of any kind. It is logical. It is clear, it is a state of taking bold action.

There is a joy and a high of pushing through fears and old ways of being to pursue something you believe you desire. Yes, you may fail. (But Mama, what if I FLY?)

If you follow that urge, none of the thoughts that hold you back will stay with you as you pull back the arrow or swoop in on your prey or enjoy the rush of showing up in a new way. You will be completely at one with your actions.

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