Temperance – Emotional Alchemy

Temperance - Wild UnknownThis is a card representing the spiritual nature of Alchemy and the Divine importance of balance in transformation.

This card is all about healing. Healing essentially means bringing things into balance. The first step in healing is to feel our feelings, get in touch with what they mean. Our anxiety, depression, anger, sadness and other painful symptoms of having a bad time are all important cues to deepen our awareness of our feelings and needs.

Temperence is card number 14. It comes right after Death – the card of deep, challenging, painful and entirely natural transformation. When we are in that raw state of reeling from major change, it is important to seek balance. Balance the anger with the sadness. Balance the activity with stillness. Balance solitude with social. Temperence reminds us that it is important to take time to heal, or we will fail to reap the benefits of our experiences.

The water droplets on this card could possibly denote tears. There is powerful emotional alchemy that takes place when we allow ourselves to cry. It takes our intense emotions and allows them an outlet. Letting our feelings show and letting our tears flow is a vulnerable and powerful practice, if we are brave enough to share it with others.

Anger is so powerful, and important. Once we have acknowledged the source of our anger, we peel it back. What we find behind the hot flames of passionate aversion, is the truth of our pain and the sadness that anger was trying to protect. Everytime we can allow our anger to pass through us, we will find the tears that live behind it. Once we allow the tender parts to be revealed and acknowledged, and the tears to flow, we will find ourselves transformed. This is alchemy.

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