I love the magic of pulling a few random cards and seeing what comes up. There is a serendipity in choosing at random, and an entryway into the subconscious when we relinquish control over what we want to see or experience. I think this is why people so often express fear about choosing cards and allowing whatever comes forth.

Another way of having fun with Tarot is by learning through numerology what your personal tarot symbols are. There are many books that outline this procedure, but I primarily use Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Handbook. It has a Jungian approach which favors a practical application of the system of Tarot. This means we want to be able to use it to aid in our personal growth and improve our everyday lives.

Your personal Tarot symbol is taken from the Major Arcana cards 1-21.

In order to find your personal Tarot Symbol, you add up the numbers in your birthday. If your birthday adds up to a double digit that is 21 or less, you get a personality symbol and a soul symbol.

For example, if your birthday is May 22, 1943 – you add 5+2+2+1+9+4+3 = 26. Since there are only 21 Major Arcana cards, we reduce 26 by adding 2+6=8. This person has 8 for the personality symbol and the soul symbol. It is card 8, known as Justice. This is a perfect card for Brenda, who’s birthday this is. She is the epitome of justice – she has a wonderful ability to see multiple viewpoints and agree with totally opposing stories sometimes. What this card can offer her is an ability to stand in her own truth rather than get caught up in the intensity of the truths that compete for her attention. Justice is the card of the sign of Libra, which values harmony, beauty and balance. This is also a card that relates to appreciation of and connection to the natural world. Brenda is the epitome of Justice/Libra as she lovingly tends her garden, works in her painting studio or breezes through Bach variations on her piano.

My birthday is January 8, 1971.  1+8+1+9+7+1=18. My personality card is 18, or the Moon. Since it is a 2 digit number, we get a number that can reduce to a 9 which is the Hermit. This would be my soul number. Whoa. This shows that I am complex, intense and need serious alone time!

Moon card people are magnetic and romantic and prone to being deceived by self or others. Our job is to reclaim authenticity and be committed to the true self. Yes, I feel my feelings very deeply and very few people ever see my true nature. If I stay true to this path, I will eventually be able to assist others to reveal who they truly are, too.

My soul card, the Hermit has some obviously connotations. I am a seeker by nature. I deeply require alone time, and I need personal space in my relationships. I work with the past in order to transform the future, and one day I may be able to help others do the same.  One thing about us 18-9 people is that we can be known publicly because of our intensity and magnetism, but we are very private and actually only share with a few very close people.

Go for it! Add up your birthday and see what your Tarot personality and soul symbol is.

Here is a very simplified explanation of each trump to start your journey. The great thing about these symbols is that they have many dimensions and aspects to explore.

1-Magician: Magic, expression, flexibility, timing, Shaman/Sorcerer
2-High Priestess: Intuition, Clarity, Goddesses, parapsychology, psychics, oracles
3-Empress: Nurture, support, beauty, Earth mother, give and receive wisely
4-Emporer: Lead, build, do, pioneer, Father, Authority, initiative
5-Heirophant: Teacher, counselor, resource, manager, inspiration
6-Lovers: Relationships, duality, masculine/feminine balance, unity of opposites
7-Chariot: Motivation, Intention, Victory, Triumph
8-Justice: Balance, truth, dharma
9-Hermit:Seeker, Illumination, Revelation, Introspection, Guide
10-Wheel of Fortune- cycles, evolution, breakthrough, chance, luck, manifestation
11-Strength: Courage, power, fortitude, vitality, passion, will
12-Hanged Man: surrender, faith sacrifice, duty, initiation,
13-Death: Change, transformation, emergence, release, endings
14-Temperance:Alchemy, synergy, integration, magnetic/dynamic artistic expression
15-Devil: Temptation, addictions, sensuality, vitality, humor
16-Tower: Purification, destruction, actualization, pissing people off
17-Star:Hope, confidence, self esteem, light, personal power
18-Moon: Truth/Illusion, Romance, Passion, Mystery, collective unconscious
19-Sun: Collaboration, cooperation, team work, powerful groups
20-Judgement: Bringing light to darkness, releasing old patterns/fears/secrets
21-Universe: Self Actualization, Expansion, liberation, global consciousness

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Nature is the answer.

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