The Empress – Feminine Power

In Tarot, the Goddess appears as Empress – an expression of our deepest yearnings to express and receive Love.

She could be imagined as Venus, the Goddess of Beauty, Love and Creativity. She is the feminine side of our consciousness, or what Asian philosophy refers to as Yin energy. She is the heart and mind connection that allows clarity, inner knowing and wisdom.

Where do we still seek outside affirmation? Where have we been unmothered? The Empress calls us to find our inner Mother so that she can bring the lost and unloved parts of us home to our hearts.

But, how?
The Empress calls us to drop in to our deeper inner knowing. The mind likes to chatter away, the ego wants to be safe, secure and superior. The feminine principle of the Empress calls us to deeper truths, that live in our body. Empress power lives in our creative center, just below the navel. For women or men, there is a creative center in the pelvic bowl. The Empress lives there. Take the time to center your awareness into this part of your body. Breathe into it. Think about your power to give and receive love, to be creative, to nurture and be nurtured. Feel into it.

We live in a world where masculine power and principles have ruled our society and culture, and much has been accomplished. But we have progressed at great expense. Environmental degradation, wars, widespread poverty and disease, not to mention the general misery that otherwise privileged people suffer in – these are major issues facing our future. We will not solve these problems using the old paradigm. What we need is to bring Feminine principles to join the power of the Masculine, to bring balance to our world.

The Empress brings the Feminine principles of love, wisdom and a deep caring for all beings – not to mention a fierce commitment to protect the most vulnerable members of our tribes – these are the powers that we need to bring to the table to solve the suffering in our own hearts, in our families, our communities and the world.

The Empress is trusting and balanced, not controlling or protective.

Start within. Nurture yourself by feeling your feelings, allowing them to be what they are and then give them the acknowledgment that they deserve. Rinse and Repeat. Your love will begin to radiate outward. Give and receive in equal amounts.

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