7 of Swords – Sleep with One Eye Open

FullSizeRender-2The realm of the mind is where the monsters/demons/bad guys/critics dwell. Each sword card denotes a state of mind, and often those states are troubling. Different Tarot decks have depicted this card in very different ways, and once again, i find great depth and meaning in the simple, animal oriented Wild Unknown Tarot.

Swords are heavy. Heavy Metal. I can’t claim that I have a deep knowledge of the music genre known as Heavy Metal, or just Metal, but I do know “Enter Sandman
“, the iconic song by Metallica. This is a fantastic song, whether or not you appreciate Metal. And this is what this little fox in the 7 of Swords is telling us, in the chorus of Enter Sandman – “Sleep with one eye Open!”

What are we watching out for? Why do we have to remain alert? Because our monkey mind is constantly trying to sabotage our efforts to be positive, to see possibility, to believe in our selves. Seven of Swords says, there is a saboteur living inside your mind and she will do anything she can to send you down the rathole of worry, defensive thinking and paranoia!

The little fox says, you must outsmart these inner demons! Be as tricky and sly as you need to be. The negative aspects of your mind wait for you to be lazy or unguarded. This is no time to let down your guard. Be aware.

There is hope in this card, there is guidance. How can we be more aware of these dangers that hover over us?

The demons can be recognized when you find yourself listing all the reasons you can’t have what you want. They want you to think that you are not lucky, not supported, there is no opportunity for you.  They remind you how tired you are, that you have no energy to fight for what you want. They chant “whats the use? Whats the point? Why bother?” And before you know it, you have talked yourself out of your deepest desires. Don’t do it! Sleep with ONE EYE OPEN!

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