Courage, My Love – 7 of Wands

FullSizeRender-12“Courage is the capacity to meet the anxiety which arises as one achieves freedom. “
Rollo May

Living a fully actualized life is terrifying! It means showing up, taking risks and speaking our truth. It’s not easy, but it’s exhilarating. It’s worth it! The experience of fulfillment is impossible without exercising courage.

Courage is not the absence of fear – it is the acknowledgment of fear and the willingness to proceed anyways. Life is an experiment. We must be willing to fail in order to make a way to succeed.

How do we make our way into living more courageously?  There is an element of faith involved in this – to know that there is a reward – to know that things will unfold in beautiful ways, that there will be clarity, power and a renewed sense of purpose every time we exercise courage. Trust is brave. Doubt is fearful.
A lot of communication is about courage. This entails speaking up for ourselves, risking our relationships and saying what we feel and need in compassionate and courageous ways.
There are things in our lives that we deeply desire, but we are unable to actualize ourselves because of our fear. Sometimes we make decisions recklessly, out of fear. The flip side to this is true courage, which is rooted in self esteem. Being kind to ourselves is essential if we desire to make choices from a place of grounded empowerment.
I love the word, Valor. It is such a powerful expression of fortitude in the face of challenge. Courage is not reckless. It is grounded, aware and focused. It is not the risk taking behavior that is an expression of the deep unconscious feeling, “I’m not safe”. Courage is a strength of heart, a belief in ones self, and springs from self-esteem. It is something that gets stronger each time it is exercised.
Feel your truth, speak your truth. Risk rejection. Risk failure. Risk appearing foolish. Each time you do it, you get stronger.

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