4 of Wands – Completion & Initiation

FullSizeRender-13Something is completed. It is done, it is done it is done! This is our magical mantra for completion. Now what? The 4 of Wands suggests expansion, possibility and a portal to a newer better manifestation.

Completion is a portal. Wands imply our creativity, our inspiration, our way of living life from our inner fire. There is power in completing something – even if it is not done perfectly, it is done. Done is better than perfect! Done leads to a doorway – a literal pathway into the expanded view of what is next. Each completion is also a new beginning – but not in the way that we would like. There is a chasm, a gap between finished and starting something new. This gap is an initiation, an invitation into the mystery, the darkness and the fallow ground of the next thing… We are required to expand our vision. Expand our hearts. Expand our intellects. The next thing wants to be better, bigger, more joyful than the last. But this requires care, attention, awareness and a willingness to be empty, so that we can be new again.

It is time to celebrate our achievements, and recognize our progress. Pat ourselves on the back, pause to be joyful and appreciate the power in our progress. So often we grind away and fail to recognize our hard work and celebrate how far we have come. Turn within and give yourself the acknowledgment you deserve.

4 of Wands is a hallway leading to another door. A gorgeous, inviting, beckoning door. Being open to possibility, may we have the courage and awareness to enter the portal!

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