Feminine Power – The Chariot

IMG_0164Feminine Power is on the rise and those of us who carry its essence will not be daunted by bullies, monsters or narcissists!

Bright Blessings for all on Women’s Day 2017! For many of us, this Women’s (or Wombyns) day has more meaning than ever – with our struggles and triumphs in the forefront of our politics, our cultures and for many of us, within our own families.

The Chariot, card number 7 of the Tarot – represents that principle of change, movement and power towards great victory- and what we are working towards in this new era -equality, consciousness, awareness of the need for Feminine Power in our world. The power of the Chariot refers to the mature ego – one who is able to balance forces in order to harness them towards a goal. The Chariot reminds us who we really are, and that our true purpose is spiritual growth and evolution. The Chariot moves towards victory with power, control and focus.

Every disparity in this world is calling for Feminine Power to rise and take its role – the power of vulnerability, the power of connection to each other and the natural world. Feminine Power knows how to move through pain, how to sit with discomfort, how to nurture life. Feminine Power knows how to grow things organically – with time, and attention and awareness of change.

Feminine power is all about embracing transformation, intuitive knowing and being true true true to what is true for you!

I love this particular image of the Chariot because compared to other Tarot decks, this Chariot is distinctly feminine. This Chariot is aligned with moon cycles and earth cycles (depicted by the symbols on the horse). This Chariot is not a weakling or a people pleaser. She will trample you under her hooves if you get in her way!

This Chariot is solar powered (the sun above her head) and ready to move into the new ways of celebrating victory – so that all life is honored and protected.

May you enjoy this day knowing that your own Feminine Power is rising and very well equipped to move you through challenges with dignity, grace and strength.

And so it is, And so it shall be!

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