What is Tarot and Why does it Work?


Tarot is a system of 78 images – symbols and archetypes containing elements that speak to the collective unconscious. We use the Tarot to illuminate our understanding of ourselves, our place in the world and the cycles of nature.

Tarot is a system of divination. Divination works well for people who are willing to believe that the Divine or God or Spirit or the Universe is with us at all times. This makes asking for guidance or help or assistance not only possible but necessary to a conscious life in which we are growing into our full radiance.  The values of Tarot are optimism, spirituality and a belief in the value and necessity of change. Tarot works well for people who hold these same values dear.

Tarot works well for people who are interested in experiencing their own imagination as a window of knowing. Instead of dismissing the imagination as unreal or unimportant, we see the imagination as a pathway to deeper knowing, more happiness, growth and creativity.  We all have the capacity to imagine things – with Tarot we get a guided journey through certain symbols and archetypes – so that we may be able to expand our understanding of our dances of creation and destruction.

The Divine may speak directly to or through us, but it also speaks through symbols and patterns in nature, cards, dice, sticks, coins, pendulums or whatever our tool of choice.  These supposedly random patterns constitute messages from the God that is present in all things, at all times. What we want or want to know already exists. The answers are inside of us. Tarot works because it is random – and when we throw or choose the cards, our unconscious minds build a bridge to our conscious and we can receive insights… if we are willing.

Tarot works because it is an amazing catalogue of a mythopoetic world and an outline of how human consciousness evolves. When you shuffle the cards, all of these elements come out to play with each other in a powerful way.



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