Tarot for Divorce – The Star

The Star

I had fun the other day writing about the 3 of swords and the Tower because I like to build up my fearlessness and ruggedness and strength. Tough times require pulling up our proverbial bootstraps and using our pain and anger as catalyst for growth. Can I get a hell-ya?!

What I love about Tarot, is that it is an ancient map of the journey of consciousness. It outlines cycles of growth in body (pentacles), mind (swords), spirit (wands) and emotions (cups). It also outlines larger cycles of consciousness through the 22 Major Arcana cards. Each card leads to the next. And so, after the total destruction of the Tower (card number 16), we get number 17, the Star.

After the old structures have been dismantled and reduced to ashes, there is an element of pure truth and hope that rises out of the rubble. This is the Star.  As the Tower symbolizes the destruction of an old identity or old way of living that is no longer conducive to health or growth, the Star is a new beginning. One that is based on true inner knowing and authenticity.

The Star is about hope and awareness of possibility – essentially a sign of stepping into a state of expanded awareness. The Star is about unexpected assistance; serendipity, magic, and support from seen and unseen forces. The Star speaks of clarity of vision, connection to spiritual insight and inner knowing. This is not faith, or holding on to beliefs that things will improve. This is a steadfast knowing that by following your own North Star, your journey will be guided by the forces of the universe who want nothing more than the full expression of your greatness. It is the belief, (in the words of the hilarious and inspiring Rob Brezsney), that The World is Conspiring to Shower you with Blessings! (which is the awesome subtitle of his masterwork -“Pronioa”). Its my new favorite conspiracy theory!

In the old paradigm, the Divorce process got lost in the Tower experience. All destruction and very little restructuring afterword. It is very exciting that we are living towards a new paradigm- where we have the option to use difficult experiences as a passageway into greater consciousness and increased levels of self awareness. The movement towards “Conscious Uncoupling” is an example of this – and if Katherine Woodward Thomas (world class coach, teacher and the author of the upcoming book entitled Conscious Uncoupling) has her way, we will be seeing more opportunities for divorcing couples to be guided into a more skillful way of relating. I am so excited about this.  I want all of us revolutionaries to have support in going from the Tower towards the Star and onward into the next level of emotional intelligence.

Imagine a world where parents could split up, and as a result become MORE effective at co-parenting, relating and supporting each other, a culture in which parents could provide a positive example to their children of how mature adults function in crisis.

This is the hope brought by the Star. This is my personal North Star.

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